Knowledge Organisers

Our knowledge organisers set out the expectations of what our children learn about in their termly topics. It allows them to clarify their own thinking around what is important and what key information they should know. Knowledge organisers are used to check for progression and continuity both within and across curriculum subjects and to ensure standards and expectations for learning are being implemented. Pupils regularly review, revise and quiz themselves using their knowledge organisers - these are located in the children's Curriculum folders. At the start of a topic, these knowledge organisers are sent home and act as a really clear and easy to understand way for parents to be more aware of what their children are learning at primary school and thus to support them at home.

Curious MJS

Year A

Autumn Term: From Stones to Steel

Autumn Term: Battle of Britain

Spring Term: Resourceful Rainforests

Spring Term: Our World

Summer Term: The Ancient Egyptians

Summer Term: The Ancient Greeks

Year B

Autumn Term: The Romans

Autumn Term: Freedom and Justice

Spring Term: Invaders and Settlers

Spring Term: The Mysterious Mayans

Spring Term: The Norfolk Broads

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Spring Term: Coastal Norfolk

Screenshot 2020 11 29 At 16.36.59