Seal Class weekly update 17.09.2021

Wow -what a busy week! In English we have been writing a narrative story based on the book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ written by Shirley Hughes. The main character in the story is a boy called Lenny who is being evacuated from London. We have also read ‘The Little Ships’ through which we learnt about the heroic rescue at Dunkirk in World War II . Wednesday 15th was nationally ‘Battle of Britain Day’ so Yr 5 & 6 spent the morning learning about the lead up to the Battle of Britain and what it actually was. We made paper Spitfire planes, and considered some of the experiences that a Spitfire pilot would have had. To learn about trust, we worked in pairs and one person was blindfolded whilst their partner gave them directions. We learnt about radio language and code names and then went on to experience flying in formation and dog fights- realising the importance of having a wingman for support! The final activity was learning about the RAF uniforms and insignia and the meaning behind Churchill’s famous quote, ‘Never was so much owed by so many to so few’.

Kingfisher Class weekly update 17.09.2021

We have had a jam-packed week in Kingfisher Class! We started delving further into our topic for the term, the Battle of Britain, and we learnt the meaning of the key words ‘invade’, ‘occupy’ and ‘defend’ by coming up with strategies to take over Seal class! Wednesday 15th was nationally ‘Battle of Britain Day’ so Yr 5 & 6 spent the morning learning about the lead up to the Battle of Britain and what it actually was. We made paper Spitfire planes, and considered some of the experiences that a Spitfire pilot would have had. In English, we have continued to explore Shirley Hughes’ book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’, and in maths we have practiced rounding numbers to the nearest ten. We are all ready for a well-earned rest at the weekend!

Swan Class weekly update 16.09.2021

What a busy second week back to school we have had in Swan Class! We opened up the week with a Stone Age inspired campfire – where we got the chance to cook bacon and sausages over an open fire! We even then got to try the meats! We realised how long it took to cook the meat properly and then also how much effort must have gone into hunting the meat in the Stone Age – there was no Tesco then! In topic, we also went on a special flight back in time – approximately 2.6million years ago – to when historians believe the Stone Age began! We ordered some periods of history in a timeline and now understand the difference between BC and AD. In Maths, we have been covering place value and using equipment such as dienes to understand how numbers are composed and the different ways we can make 3-digit and 4-digit numbers e.g. 1,000 is the same as 10 hundreds, 100 tens or 1,000 ones!

Hedgehog Class weekly update 16.09.2021

We have had another jam packed week this week. On Monday, as part of our English we had an experience day. We cooked food around the camp fire. This helped inspire our writing. In Maths, we are focussing on place value. We have been investigating the different ways to make 100. This week we also carried on with our topic. We have been travelling back in time to help us put dates in chronological order.

Seal Class weekly update 10.09.2021

Well done Year 6 – you have have made an amazing start to the year!! The main focus of the week has been ‘ learning to learn’ and across the curriculum we have explored the importance of having a growth mindset that we learn by making mistakes. We have explored the power of ‘Yet’ and the ‘learning pit’

Kingfisher Class weekly update 10.09.2021

Welcome back to Kingfisher Class! We have had a fantastic week and have begun learning all about our new Topic: ‘The Battle of Britain’. It was so lovely to be able to visit Seal Class (Year 6) and find out about evacuee children during the Second World War. We have also been learning about this in our English writing where we are covering the book: ‘The Lion and the Unicorn.’ In the afternoons, we have been revisiting the JONK characters – if you don’t know what they mean… ask a Kingfisher!! Next week, we are looking forward to the Battle of Britain Day (15th September) and we shall be partaking in some activities to commemorate this.

Swan Class weekly update 10.09.2021

Welcome back to school! It’s been lovely to hear that Swan Class have enjoyed their summer holidays (which have sounded very busy!) This week we have enjoyed our week on ‘Learning to Learn’ where we have looked at the learning pit, the power of YET and also the brain! We know that mistakes are good and help to make our brains grow bigger! We have also been learning about words and practising some of our previous phonics understanding – it’s been tricky to remember! A wonderful and jam-packed week had by all… already looking forward to what next week brings!

Hedgehog Class weekly update 10.09.2021

We have had a great week in Hedgehog class. All the children have come into school this week with a positive attitude ready to learn. It’s been a lovely start to the year. We have mainly focussed on ‘Learning to Learn’ this week. This included looking at our JONK characters, ‘the power of yet’ and ‘the learning pit. We have also begun to look at out topic ‘Stones to Steel’.

Katherine Johnson weekly update 9 July 2021

We had a very exciting visitor this week: Mr Hall who showed us all how to use a compass and follow a map. We had an orienteering lesson! It was lots of fun and we used the map to try and find tiny flags which he had hidden around the playground.

In maths, we have been understanding how the fractions line means the same as divide. This has really helped us to understand how to write improper fractions as mixed fractions. We have been using this knowledge to solve mazes, crack codes and also answer maths word searches!

Another exciting event that has happened this week is Sports Day! On Wednesday, we all partook in some activities on the field which included long jump, football shooting (think England have given some inspiration in the Euros) and speed bounces – to name a few! Afterwards, we had lots of fun together in the fun run!

Benjamin Zephaniah weekly class update 9 July 2021

This week, we have started a new text in English called ‘The Magic Paintbrush.’ We had an experience day where we painted pictures from Ancient China.

In maths, we have been learning how to tell the time.

On Monday, we had an orienteering session, where we had to find flags around the school field using a map.

On Wednesday, it was sports day. In the morning we completed a circuit of activities and in the afternoon we had a fun run and races. Ruby won sports day.

In support of England , we have made some bunting to put up in class ready for the final (Year 3 say ‘it’s coming home!’).

We have made sheets all about ourselves ready for Miss Bugg.