Yousafzai Class update

This week, we have been learning all about how the Broads were man-made in our geography lessons. The children have been researching the importance of peat and how peat digging played a huge role in the formation of the Broads. We have researched and sketched how the Broads have developed over time and even found out that during the Roman era the three main rivers which make up the Broads (Bure, Waveney and Yare) were used regularly by ships. In English, we’ve been finishing writing our suspense story based on the short film called ‘Francis’. The children have throughoughly enjoyed this! In maths, we’ve finished our unit on Geometry: looking at circles (radius and circumference) as well as exploring how nets create 3D shapes. In science, we’ve begun to look at the water cycle and created models to show it!