Pankhurst Class update

We have had a really enjoyable start to the final half term! This week has been Project Week at school. We have been investigating foods grown in our local area, specifically strawberries. We have been focusing on how strawberries are prepared and sold in supermarkets. Some of us got to go behind the scenes at Waitrose to see how our food is stored, packaged and then put onto the shelves. We’ve been exploring what strawberries can be used to make; and later in the week we made our own jam to sell at our farm shop. We also made scones which the children loved making. We conducted some market research into the most popular jams and how jam is used. With this information, some the children created a bar graph to model our favourite jam flavours in school. We also used our maths to work out the cost of materials for making jam, so that we can work out our profit margin. In English we have written amazing narrative poems about strawberries in the style of Michael Rosen.