Welcome to Rivendell Class

Welcome back and welcome to Rivendell Class. We are a collaborative class of 26 year 6 pupils. We have taken our name from a world in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. Our class teacher is Mr. Sharman and our amazing teaching assistants are Mrs Cartlon-Paterson, Mrs Grey, and Mrs Woodbridge. We understand that this year will be very important and we are ready to show resilience throughout the year.

Copy Of Battle Of Britain Book Unit Covers

What are we learning about this term?

In Topic this term, we will be learning all about the Battle of Britain. We will have the opportunity to explore historical events such as Operation Dynamo and Dunkirk, as well as having the opportunity to learn about geographical skills such as map work. In science, we will investigate adaption in animals and the Theory of Evolution.

We will be exploring how the events of Dunkirk initiated the Battle of Britain by understanding the placement of British soliders using a map. We shall be becoming historians through recognising that Germany invaded France and pushed the allied forces to the beaches of Dunkirk as a result British and French soldiers were trapped on three sides of Northern France by German troops and tanks.

Further on in our topic, we will be learning how technology impacted the Battle of Britain through discussing radar systems and the Dowding System. We will consider how the Chain Home system kept Britain safe by using our geographic skills to identify the locations of the radar stations and airfields and plot these onto a map.

In art and design, we will be learning how perspective is a three-dimensional object or spaces in two dimensional artwork. We will use this principal to sketch and shade a WW2 fighter plane.

We look forward to a great term!

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I really enjoy being at Mundesley Junior School because the English is brilliant and at break time there is always someone to play with. Mundesley School is great, I love it!



I like MJS because we there are always really fun activities for us to do!



Being at MJS is great because the teachers are always nice and the lessons here are really fun. My favourites are Maths, English and Golden time!