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Hello everyone! We are Hogwarts Class, a class of 29 children who are ready to be resillent, reflective and resourceful learners. Our teacher is Miss Hedge and we have a wonderful teaching assistant, Mrs Page. When discussing our class rules during our transition days, we have agreed, this year, to be curious and creative learners, to be respectful of other peoples opinions, and most of all - to have fun! In our Topic work this term, we will be exploring 'Guardains of the Planet' in detail, allowing us to continue to build on our collaborative learning by working hard as geographers. This, therefore, will help us build on our skills needed to become a Global Citizen.

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What are we learning about this term?

This term, our topic is titled 'The Ancient Greeks'. During this topic, we will be answering the question 'Is Ancient Greece still relevant today?'. Through this, we will look the key PSHE vocabulary of honour, democracy and loyalty.

We shall be studying some of the wars which took place, where Ancient Greece is located and the artefacts which remain from this time period. To do this, we will look at where Ancient Greece is on the map and look at the city-states within this.

We will explore some of the battles which took place in Ancient Greece and study some of the key people who ruled throughout this time.

In art, we will use drawing and clay to create our own pottery, inspired by the artefacts of the time.

Moving on from this, in D&T we will learn about the features of jewellery from this time period.

We can't wait to learn more about the Ancient Greeks!

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I really enjoy PE at school because I love sports. We get to use the football goals and the adventure playground during break and lunch times. This year, I'm looking forward to not being the youngest in the school anymore because I'm now a Year 4! In class, I'm looking forward to learning about some more history! I really love maths and I enjoy English.

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English is my favourite subject because I like writing. I enjoy learning about new punctuation and today we even wrote a sentence using a colon! A colon can be used at the start of a list! I'm looking forward to learning new things and also enrichment! Enrichment is on a Friday afternoon where we get to choose which fun activities we would like to do. If you get to 'Oustanding' on our behaviour chart you can pick your activity first!

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I enjoy maths most at school! This is because I like addition and solving problems! I'm not afraid to make mistakes because everybody will make a mistake one day and they help our brains grow bigger. I'm looking forward to learning even more about maths this year! I feel safe and happy in school because all the adults will always help me!