Martin Luther King class weekly update 13/11/2020

This week in year 6 we have had a really productive week and all of our hard work is starting to pay off! 

In maths we have become much more positive in our approach to fractions and through lots of practical activities we have learnt to simplify, compare and order fractions.  Everyone has made excellent progress and it is lovely to see your confidence in this area growing.  

Likewise, in English we have been piecing together our skills as writers and written some amazing stories – focussing on the skills needed to clearly create images in the reader’s mind. The end results were fantastic and the fact that nearly everyone in the class thought that this was their best piece of written work yet and were desperate to read their work out loud just shows how proud you were of your achievements.  

In Games we have really enjoyed learning hockey and also some new warm up games that we can play with our friends on the playground at break times.

In DT we have also had great fun learning about the processes involved when designing and making a product.  We have learnt about the use of hydraulics and pneumatics to move things, designed a shoe that suits different purposes and audiences and at present we are working on a carnival project using the whole design process of imagine, plan, create & improve.

Well done Year 6!