Luther King class weekly update w/e 06 Nov 2020

In maths this week we have started a topic on fractions.  To help us see the relevance of learning about fractions we have explored where the term ‘a half’ and where it is used in everyday life.  Despite a hesitant start, everybody has made an excellent effort and good progress has being made. All of the children have quickly realised how important it is to be fluent with their times tables so now is the time to check that you know all your tables facts (up to 12 x 12) year 6.

In English we are using ‘The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes’ as a focus text. We have been learning to use figurative language to really help the reader to imagine events, thoughts and feelings.

For topic, we have had great fun listening to Caribbean Calypsos; learning about rhythm, beat and syncopation; singing The Calypso song by Jan Holdstock (in rounds) and composing and performing our own compositions. Your enthusiasm for music has been electrifying Year 6 – Well done!