Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is engaging, exciting and innovative. It encompasses and celebrates all curriculum areas and helps to ensure that our children develop the knowledge and skills they need to excel. Each year, learning progressively builds on the knowledge and understanding of the previous year and promotes creative links across the full breadth of subject areas.

We have worked together to craft a curriculum with clear outcomes and high expectations of all staff, pupils and parents. Our curriculum progressively builds on the knowledge and understanding of key PSHE and Religious Education concepts which we believe are important in ensuring our children become global citizens.

Our overarching themes of ResponsibilityInfluence and ImpactLocation (RIIL) help our children to develop deeper knowledge and understanding by offering opportunities to link, review and put knowledge into context across a range of subjects.

Vocabulary is important to us. We have created opportunities to improve our children's vocabulary, support 'sticky' knowledge and aid retention of information by our unique knowledge organisers and learning banks. Lessons are carefully planned with vocabulary in mind. Key words are carefully revised and revisited so children can make explicit links between concepts.

Our Broad and Balanced Curriculum

Our aim is to provide our children with a substantial, broad and balanced curriculum, which ensures that they are fully immersed in knowledge, vocabulary and experiences relevant to the world in which they live. Our curriculum looks to include, across all its subjects, a breadth of reading, writing, language and maths skills which recognise the benefits of creating direct links to enrich our pupils' subject learning and increased  enjoyment in all subjects.

Our broad curriculum provides our children with the opportunities to learn about themselves, their community, their values and the wider world to ensure they can make the most of it. If you want to find out more about how we plan and implement our curriculum, take a look at our curriculum area pages. These have been written by out subject leaders.

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PSHE and RE Concepts

We have developed a map of Concepts which are based around our PSHE and RE curriculum.  During their primary years  children will have an understanding of these concepts.  Teachers long term plans map-out AND connect these concepts to support the knowledge and skills learning.

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The Joy Of Not Knowing

At MIJS we want our children to be curious, creative, collaborative, reflective, resourceful and resilient. We want our children to be able to analyse the world around them and contribute positively to society.

Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Have a look at our Year 3 and 4 curriculum.

Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Have a look at our Year 5 and 6 curriculum.

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Knowledge Organisers

We want our children to gain specific knowledge in each curriculum subject that builds up over time. Knowledge organisers play a useful role in this.