Swan Class weekly update

This week, we have began writing for our new English unit: The Jungle Book. This unit, we are focussing on including dialogue, adjectives and more precise verbs. We have written some great sentences such as: ‘Hurtling from one vine to another, Mowgli was ejected into the air. As he was floating in the sky, his legs jiggled mid-air.’

In maths, we have finished our unit on perimeter and have been finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes! I wonder if you can remember what a rectilinear shape is? We will be moving onto multiplication next week.

In our topic, we have been understanding time zones and why we have them. We have spoken about Greenwich Meantime and also how when we’re awake, people who live in New Zealand are probably asleep. We did an experiment where a torch acted as the sun and a ball acted as Earth. This allowed us to understand why we can’t have the same time in every country. We have also moved onto understanding human and physical features of Mundesley compared to a country in South America: Rio de Janeiro. We are all looking forward to next week!