Swan Class weekly update

What a fantastic week! We have enjoyed editing our independent writes on Monday. We have also been investigating the inverse and understanding how they are interlinked. We can’t forget to mention our Science Day on Wednesday – we had so much fun! We had two special scientists skype us. One of them was a palaeontologist and the other was a petrologist (I wonder if you can remember what these types of scientists do?). They told us some facts about fossils and also rocks. We spent the day with the Year 3s and participated in lots of different activities. We firstly looked at the three different types of rock: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. We then created these in the form of food. Igneous rock is made from hot lava that has cooled – we watched this process when our lovely teaching assistants showed us how to make honeycomb! We looked at the layers of sedimentary rock by making sandwiches. Miss Bugg’s favourite was the metamorphic rocks as we learnt that these change when they are heated so we made rock cakes – which definitely changed when they were heated in the oven! I know that sounds busy but there’s still more… We also participated in making fossil art and then unfortunately (due to weather conditions) did a virtual rock survey of Mundesley via Google Maps! It was still fun! To end the week, we are going to go to the DINOSAUR PARK! How exciting!!