Swan Class weekly update 16.09.2021

What a busy second week back to school we have had in Swan Class! We opened up the week with a Stone Age inspired campfire – where we got the chance to cook bacon and sausages over an open fire! We even then got to try the meats! We realised how long it took to cook the meat properly and then also how much effort must have gone into hunting the meat in the Stone Age – there was no Tesco then! In topic, we also went on a special flight back in time – approximately 2.6million years ago – to when historians believe the Stone Age began! We ordered some periods of history in a timeline and now understand the difference between BC and AD. In Maths, we have been covering place value and using equipment such as dienes to understand how numbers are composed and the different ways we can make 3-digit and 4-digit numbers e.g. 1,000 is the same as 10 hundreds, 100 tens or 1,000 ones!