Swan Class Update

In Swan Class, we’ve had another exciting week! We have been working very hard on creating our own adventure story based on the Stone Age in our independent write! I’ve loved reading all your stories which are full of onomatopoeia, fronted adverbials and similes! Well done Year 4s! Next week, we shall be editing these to create a final version.

Following on from topic, at the end of last week – we all took part in an excavation! We thoroughly enjoyed using trowels to dig so that we could find out what William Greenwell discovered in Grimes Graves! It was flint – I wonder what they needed the flint for? This week we have been exploring this concept further by being curious and reflective thinkers and taking part in a flint investigation! We were given the flint and equipment and had to work out how they used it and what for – it was lots of fun! We found they use it for crushing berries, cleaning the hind off animal skin, cutting wood and even creating tools!

In maths, we have been exploring how to partition numbers in varying ways: 3,456 doesn’t just partition into 3,000 + 400 + 50 + 6 – what about 2,000 + 1,410 + 23 + 23. We have been investigative thinking using Base 10 to help us explore different ways to partition numbers. We also created giant number lines in the school hall!