Benjamin Zephaniah class weekly update 24/04/2021

We have had a busy week this week!

We have continued our topic of forces and carried out an investigation into which surface had the most friction using a toy car and different materials. We made a ramp using trays. Then we placed different materials on top of the tray and lifted it to see how high we could be the tray before the toy car we put on it moved.

As a school, we are participating in the ‘Get Up and Go Yellow’ fundraising event to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. In aid of this we have all planted or own sunflower seed in a pot to grow. We will be looking after them as a class.

This week we have also started running a mile each day before break. We do 4 laps of the field running and walking as a whole class. We have already improved our fastest time by 17 seconds. Everyone has tried really hard taking part in the daily mile and should be proud.