Benjamin Zephaniah Class Update 16/04/2021

I hope you had a well deserved Easter break and are ready now for summer term. This term PE will continue to take place on a Monday so please make sure you are in your PE kit. We should be reading at least 3 x a week at home and knowledge organisers and homework sheets will be sent out at the start of next week. This term we will be looking at forces and magnets in science before moving into our topic ‘invaders and settlers.’ We have enjoyed our new science topic on forces so far and have learnt about friction and pull/push forces. We had a challenge to beat friction by trying to pull two books apart but unfortunately friction got the better of us! We have been using our scientific enquiry skills to plan how to investigate how different surfaces can affect how an object can move. In English, we are writing a story based on the Pixar short ‘The Blue Umbrella’. In maths we have been doing 3 digit and 3 digit addition and subtraction using the column method.