Seal Class weekly update

Do you know what an idiom is? If not then ask Year 6!! Each week we have an idiom of the week ( or 2) So far we have learnt the meaning of ‘in a pickle…’, ‘time flies…’ , ‘cat got your tongue’ and ‘in a blue moon’. This week our idioms are ‘cold feet’ and ‘put your foot down’ Not only are we learning about their meaning but we are also trying to use them in our writing and everyday chat. Ask us about them and please tell us a few more that you know. In English, we have finished our unit on ‘Rose Blanche’ and it has been voted our favourite yet! We have been totally gripped by the story and we have amazed ourselves with the quality of the work that we have written. In Maths, we have learnt how to find fractions of amounts and realised just how useful those bar models really are.!! The progress that has been made over the last few weeks has been amazing, not only in class but in the after school maths sessions- well done everyone!!!! In computing, we have started a coding project – we have used Scratch as a platform and learnt how to change, move, change the colour of and add sound to our sprites as well as change backgrounds- we have had great fun!!! later this week we will be writing algorithms and using code to make our sprites count in Roman numerals.