Katherine Johnson weekly class update 25 June 2021

We have had a very busy week this week. We have all worked very hard completing some summer term tests.

The children have shown great progress and resilience this week; they should be very proud of themselves!

We have also ended our recent English unit: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have been planning their independent writing to describe what happens after Willy Wonka arrives at the gates to greet Charlie and the other contestants. Our imaginations have been super creative; especially describing the first room that Charlie walks in to! We’ve had chocolate crocodiles, chewing gum bubbles attaching onto children (so they float!) and even candy mushrooms that turn you microscopic size! I can’t wait to read the finished writing on Friday!

In RSE, we have been talking about how babies develop and also discussing healthy and unhealthy relationships. We are becoming great listeners and also using this as an opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions surrounding the subject in a sensible way.

Another great week Katherine Johnson, well done!