Katherine Johnson weekly class update 11/06/2021

Welcome back Year 5!

I hope that you all enjoyed a well-deserved and sunny rest during the half-term. We have had a great first week back to Katherine Johnson Class. The sun has been shining so we have begun planting some plants in our Year 5 gardening bed. Each class in the Junior school has been given a gardening bed to plant some plants of their choice. Before the half-term, we had a discussion as a class to decide which plants we would like to plant. We have planted: strawberries, tomatoes (2 different varieties), lavender, some lettuce (donated by Mrs Hammond – thank you!), a giant sunflower (again donated by Mrs Hammond) but our most exciting plant is… the walking stick kale! When this plant has fully grown (it will grow taller than some of us), it can be made into an actual walking stick! We spent some time as a class researching this – it is very cool! We found out that Kew Gardens once planted 3 of these and also made them into walking sticks. We are looking forward to taking care of our plants and watching them grow.

In English, we have begun our new writing unit which is based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We had two experiences this week (before beginning our writing), to explore the difference between the two films as well as a taste test! In our taste test, Miss Bugg gave us a variety of different chocolate/sweets and we had to close our eyes and describe the flavours and texture. Some of us were very surprised with the sour snake!

In maths, we have been looking at key words and how to find them in word problems; they give us clue as to whether we should add, subtract, multiply or divide. We have also used all of our knowledge to create our own garden patch; Miss Bugg only gave us a certain amount of money to use. This has involved us adding up the cost of our plants; using multiplication to work out the cost for water over the month and subtraction to work out how much money we have left to spend. Overall, we have had a fantastic week back in school learning!