Katherine Johnson weekly class update 10/05/2021

This week, we have enjoyed learning about the Mayan game called Pok-a-tok. We have looked at the rules of Pok-a-tok and also practised playing this outside. It was harder than you think; we had to pass the ball to one another without using our hands or feet. We had to be very inventive in our passing! We also felt (with weights) how heavy an actual Pok-a-Tok ball would have been – 3.5kg! A lot heavier than any of us thought. Luckily, Miss Bugg didn’t use a ball this weight!

In English this week, we have finished writing our independent adventure stories. The children should be very proud of how much their writing has improved across the half-term. It is amazing and lovely to see the class enjoying writing. Watch this space J.K Rowling! We are now starting our new non-fiction unit and will be creating a diary entry from the perspective of Scott of the Antarctic. Scott was an explorer who raced the Norwegians to be the first to get to the South Pole. Unfortunately, they lost the race but tried their hardest. We have found the structure of a diary entry and also created our own camps outside; imagining what it may have been like for Scott and his team.

In maths, we have started learning about short and long multiplication. As a class, we are becoming experts in this and have enjoyed a multiplication treasure hunt and murder mystery!

Another fantastic week in Katherine Johnson Class. Well done Year 5s!