Katherine Johnson class weekly update 23/04/2021

We have had a great week in Katherine Johnson Class and it’s been even nicer to see the sun shining!

As a school, we are partaking in the ‘Get Up and Go Yellow’ fundraising event to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Whilst discussing this as a class, we found out that several members of the class during the lockdown also participated in a daily 20 minute walk to help raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which is lovely to hear! Well done to all those children who completed this! The official fundraising event will be held later in the year but we are beginning to grow sunflowers to have a race to see whose can grow the tallest! On Monday, we were busy planting our sunflowers and decorating our plant pots with our designs. Throughout the week, we have been taking it in turns to water them. We can’t wait to see how tall they (hopefully) grow! We are enjoying learning about the ancient Mayan civilisation and even tried making some Mayan hot chocolate after reading the recipe in our guided reading sessions. Take a look at some of our reactions! It was made from water, hot chocolate powder, cornmeal and a dash of chilli powder! It didn’t taste like a Starbucks or Costa!

We have been working hard in English on our adventure story, ‘The Explorer’ where we are carefully thinking of our vocabulary that we are using and the effect this can have on the reader. We have spent time this week practising how to edit and improve our work. Year 5 are becoming great editors!

In maths, we have been practising the inverse operations for addition and subtraction. We even designed our own hotels! Some of us were given a budget and had to make sure that our hotels didn’t exceed the budget which was hard when we wanted every room to have a Hot Tub! Who knew it could be so difficult to choose between carpet or tiles for a room? A fantastic week. Keep it up Year 5! Well done 🙂