Katherine Johnson class weekly update 21/05/2021

Following on from our last weekly update, we have had another great week in Katherine Johnson Class!

We had an extra fun experience day in English, where we practised pulling a sled with weight on it. This is because Scott from the Antarctic and his team used to pull a sled with more than 100kg on it! We tried pulling Miss Bugg (who isn’t quite 100kg!) and then had some sled races! I think we realised how difficult and tiresome it is pulling a sled.

In English this week, we have begun writing our diary entries and our class sentence stacker is looking great. The class sentence stacker is where we take a sentence from different children in the class and put them together to create our own ‘class story’ or in this case class diary based on Scott and his teams experience racing to the South Pole.

In Maths, we are learning a new method to divide: bus stop method! We have enjoyed learning about what division means (sharing) and also what happens when sometimes we cannot share or divide a number equally – we’re left with remainders. We practised this using matchsticks and seeing how sometimes numbers can not be shared equally.