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Welcome to Mary Seacole Class! We are an enthusiastic and friendly class of 28 Year 3 and 4 pupils. In our class, you will often see us being investigative learners, working through problems and most of all having fun whilst we're learning! We think it's important to make mistakes (they actually help our brain grow bigger), accept challenges, work collaboratively and try our best. We are going to be learning how to be resilient and resourceful as we move up through the Junior School.


What are we learning about this term?

This term we are learning about The Romans. We will start by looking at where the Romans came from and how they were so successful in conquering countries. We will learn about Roman life, volcanoes and Queen Boudicca. In Art and Design, we will be looking at mosaics and making our own Roman shields. In English, we start the term by writing a narrative based on the book 'Escape from Pompeii'. We shall further apply our knowledge of the ‘FANTASTICs’, ‘BOOMTASTICs’ and ‘GRAMMARISTICs’ by consolidating our knowledge of grammatical features such as fronted adverbials, noun phrases, using inverted commas, and similes (just to name a few!) throughout our writing. We will also be writing a diary entry and holiday brochure. This term, we are also focusing on fluency and vocabulary in Guided Reading where we shall be looking at a different extract each week from a book related to the Romans. We shall be consolidating the children’s understanding of the four key aspects of fluency: accuracy, rate, expression and punctuation. Some examples of these texts we shall be reading include: The Ruthless Romans, Boudica, Roman Britain. In Maths, we will be focusing on place value. Year 4s will be representing numbers up to and over 1000 as well as lots of multiplication practice!

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Seacole Class Update

16 September 2022

Seacole Class update

16 September 2022
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I like being in Seacole Class because everyone is kind and they always tell the truth. My favourite lesson is English because I get to join my handwriting and write sentence stackers.

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I like being in Seacole Class because I like to learn and playing with my friends. My favourite lesson is maths because I get to work out answers to tricky calculations!

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I like being in Seacole Class because I love to learn. My favourite lesson is English because I enjoy thinking of my sentence stackers and writing them in my book.