Welcome to Emmeline Pankhurst Class

Welcome to Emmeline Pankhurst Class. We are a happy and friendly class of 29 year 4 children, who have a love of life and learning. Our teacher is Mr Sharman and our excellent teaching assistants. We are confident, curious and creative people who show care and consideration for all. We value being part of the school community and work collaboratively together. In our class we focus on building our knowledge and skills to become independent learners and we always try our best at everything we do. We also enjoy exploring new topics, taking on new challenges and going on new adventures.

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What are we learning about this term?

This term we are learning about the Stone Age. We started our learning off by travelling back 2.6 million years ago. We will learn: how Stone Age people discovered flint and used it; how they created tools and how working together was beneficial to them and has impacted us now. In Art and Design, we will be considering how the people of the Stone Age communicated by creating our own interpretation of Cave Paintings. Within Design and Technology, we shall research and create our own Stone Age Tools. 

In English, we start the term by writing an adventure story based on the book 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura. We shall further apply our knowledge of the ‘FANTASTICs’, ‘BOOMTASTICs’ and ‘GRAMMARISTICs’ by using writing techniques such as fronted adverbials, noun phrases and similes (just to name a few!) throughout our writing.  We will also be looking at the following books throughout the Autumn Term in English writing: The First Drawing by Mordicai Gerstein, The Great Cave by Terry Deary and Ice Monsters by David Walliams. 

This term, we are also focusing on Guided Reading where we shall be looking at a different extract each week from a book related to the Stone Age. Some examples include: The Boy with the Bronze Axe, DNA Detectives and The Stolen Spear. We shall be focusing on developing our comprehension techniques. 

In Maths, we will be focusing on Place Value and using resources to help us investigate the relationship between numbers!


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23 September 2022

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16 September 2022
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I really enjoy PE at school because I love sports. We get to use the football goals and the adventure playground during break and lunch times. This year, I'm looking forward to not being the youngest in the school anymore because I'm now a Year 4! In class, I'm looking forward to learning about some more history! I really love maths and I enjoy English.

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English is my favourite subject because I like writing. I enjoy learning about new punctuation and today we even wrote a sentence using a colon! A colon can be used at the start of a list! I'm looking forward to learning new things and also enrichment! Enrichment is on a Friday afternoon where we get to choose which fun activities we would like to do. If you get to 'Oustanding' on our behaviour chart you can pick your activity first!

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I enjoy maths most at school! This is because I like addition and solving problems! I'm not afraid to make mistakes because everybody will make a mistake one day and they help our brains grow bigger. I'm looking forward to learning even more about maths this year! I feel safe and happy in school because all the adults will always help me!