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Welcome to Martin Luther-King Class

In Martin Luther Class class you will find 24 wonderful Year 6 children, our class teacher (Mrs Skinner) and our teaching assistant ( Mrs Revell). Just like Martin Luther King, we all have dreams of our own and things that we believe in. By showing care, courtesy and consideration to others we make sure that everybody feels valued.

We are curious about the world in which we live and as well as focussing on our studies we are developing our JONK skills ( being curious, collaborative, creative, reflective, resourceful and resilient) so that we also have the confidence to stand up for what we believe in and make a positive difference to our lives and the lives of others.

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What are we learning about this term?

This term, our topic is the 'Mysterious Mayans' and we will be learning about the ancient civilisations that lived in Central America and Southern Mexico over 2,300 years ago!!! We will be learning through a cross curricular approach ( Music, Art, Geography, DT , PSHE & English) and develop our historical enquiry skills by asking our own questions, exploring sources of evidence and reaching informed conclusions about the past. As well as our academic studies, we will be preparing for our transition to High School. We are a positive class and we have hope for the future. We want to feel confident, prepared and the best that we can be, so that our new High Schools realise how lucky they are that we are coming in September!

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What Happened
This Week...

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In Martin Luther King class, we do lots of different activities that are fun! I really like the English because we sometimes have experience days that are BOOMTASTIC!

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I like having responsibility and in Year 6 we have the chance to be Librarians, House Captains, Head Gardeners, Head boy and girl and Sports Captains.This year I am really proud to be the Secretary of the School Council and to be involved in making the school a better place for everyone.

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I really like our classroom now. I can choose to work on the sofas, in the reading corner or at our tables. I also really like going on the adventure playground, the fort and the tree house.