Martin Luther King weekly class update 30.04.2021

Since our last update, we have been very busy continuing to write our adventure story ‘The Explorer’. To help us really imagine what it was like for our characters, who had a good idea to build a raft, we had a go ourselves. The challenge was to build a raft out of natural material that we could find in the forest area and build a raft that would float and support the weight of a pebble. The creative ideas, collaboration and resilience was amazing and although all of the rafts sunk under the weight of the pebble the whole experience really helped generate some top quality vocabulary for our writing.

In maths we have been making connections between different areas of our learning. We have been using equivalence dominoes, interactive web games and code breaker activities to help us learn about fraction, decimal and percentage equivalences. In topic, we have focussed on the Mayan pyramids. We made pyramids out of artstraws, named and described them (vertex, edge, face) .

In groups we are preparing a live newsnight report to teach each other about the similarities and differences between the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. We will be able to report how this went next week.

Another super week Year 6- well done!