Martin Luther King class weekly update

This week, the classroom has been buzzing with creativity! We sculpted our milk bottles into Mayan masks then we had some messy fun with paper mache and added our own designs: we are delighted with our final results!

In Maths we have been focussing on triangles. We made our own origami equilateral triangles and the used these to explore the internal angles of 2D shapes. We can confidently name, and describe 2D shapes and say if they are regular or irregular.

In English this week, we have learnt about euphemisms and oxymorons ( ask us if you don’t know what these are). On Thursday we are starting our own piece of independent diary writing – focussing on the return from the South Pole. We are writing our diary imagining that we were one of Scott’s companions on his ‘race to the South Pole’ ( Wilson, Bates, Owen or Evans) .

Homework this week has been amazing!

Linking on from our ratio work we have had a ‘Year 6 Cookie/cake Bake off’! Well done to all of our young master chefs- I am very relieved that I didn’t have to choose a winner- they were all delicious!!!!