Martin Luther King class weekly update 21/05/2021

After our final experience session, pulling each other around on sledges, we have finally started to write our own diary imagining that we are Scott of the Antarctic. The quality of the writing produced this week has been amazing- everybody has tried really hard to ‘Deepen the moment’ by adding extra detail, up levelling vocabulary choices and experimenting with ideas for phrasing. I can’t wait to read what you write next Year 6!!

On Monday, we joined with 6 other schools (via Teams meeting) and attended this year’s ‘Norfolk’s Crucial Crew.’ We learnt alot about internet safety and were surprised to discover that now we were 10/11 we were responsible for our own actions in the eyes of the law, so we needed to use social media responsibly and respectfully. In topic this week, we have been learning about the Mayan creation Story and we have just started to design our own comic strips to retell the story. Next week we will be making masks so please remember to save your empty milk bottles and bring them into school ( washed out). Another great week Yr6- Well done all of you!