Martin Luther King Class Update 27/11/2020

I am delighted to report that in maths we have had another amazing week learning how to add, subtract and multiply fractions.  The enthusiasm and buzz in the class has been fantastic- it is amazing how everything falls into place when you know your tables!

In english, we have started to learn about biographical writing and we have used the animation ‘Beans’  (about Geoff who had a curious and unshakeable love for beans) to help us practice our writing skills before we write Charles Dickens’ biography.

In topic this week, we have started to explore the question ‘How has gender equality improved over the last 200 years?’  and learnt that the term gender has a different meaning in society today, than it did back then. 

Once again fantastic enthusiasm was shown in this week’s hockey lesson.  Our control and passing skills have improved dramatically.  Well done Year 6!