Rosa Parks class weekly update 23/04/21

This week, we have continued to enjoy our learning about Forces and Magnets. We had lots of fun playing with magnets and seeing if they repel or attract. Using the magnets, we also tested out lots of different materials to see if they were magnetic or not. We learnt about where magnets are used in real life and how they impact our daily lives. We had a go at creating a magnetic field around a magnet using iron filings which was lots of fun!

In English we have continued to write some amazing sentences based on the Disney Pixar short film ‘The Blue Umbrella’. We have discovered some amazing new synonyms and are using them independently in our writing. Take a look below at some of the children’s fantastic sentences: “Plucking up the courage to speak to her, he stuttered. “D-d-d-do you want…?” Words hung unfinished in the air as a cruel twist of fate ripped her away from him. One minute she was next to the coffee shop, then she was by the subway and finally he saw her disappear into the distance.” This week we have also been learning how to spell -ous words. We have learnt 5 different spelling rules connected to the -ous spelling pattern.

At the start of the week we planted our sunflowers and will be trying to grow them as tall as we can ready for our competition in June!