Welcome to Katherine Johnson Class

Welcome to Katherine Johnson Class! We are an enthusiastic and friendly class of 31 pupils. Our class teacher is called Miss Bugg and our teaching assistant is Mrs Page. On a Friday afternoon, we are lucky to have Mrs Grey join our class too!

In our class, you will often see us being investigative learners, working through problems and most of all having fun whilst we're learning! We think it's important to make mistakes (they actually help our brain grow bigger), accept challenges, work collaboratively and try our best. We are going to be learning how to be resilient and resourceful as we move up through the Junior School.

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Our class is named Katherine Johnson after one of the hidden women who helped put astronauts into space! She grew up in segregated America, where there were different equalities for black and white people. As a black girl, she had to go to separate schools to white girls. She was so clever that she skipped grades and ended up completing High School 4 years before everyone else in her year!

What are we learning about this term?

This summer term, our topic is the 'Mysterious Mayans'. The Mayans were an ancient civilisation that lived in Meso-America (or central America as we know it now). The Mayans were incredibly interesting and we can see how our life has evolved from lots of their ideas: calendars, number/writing systems, farming and they even had tattoos! We will be learning about the Mayans through a cross curricular approach and linking our English writing to this too. In English, we shall be writing an adventure narrative based on the book 'The Explorer by Katherine Rundell' (a great read!) and also a non-fiction diary entry based on an explorer (who travelled to the Antartic) called Scott. Please feel free to have a look at our weekly updates - we would love you to take a peek at what we've been up too!

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I joined Katherine Johnson Class this year and I felt quite nervous but after the first day, I was really excited. I made new friends really easily and everyone was kind to me and made me feel special. In Katherine Johnson class, I really love the teachers. My favourite lesson is maths because I like how I get to challenge myself. I may start on a silver level of challenge and then move myself up to gold. PE is really fun because we play some great games together!



I feel lucky because all of the teachers are really nice. I love maths and I think it's by far the best subject because it is fun working through a problem, The PE lessons are always fun and we play good games in them. Last half-term, I really enjoyed making boats from lollipop sticks and foam that we got to propell in a paddling pool! This half term, I'm enjoying our Topic at the moment (the Mayans) because I find history interesting.

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In Katherine Johnson Class, we do lots of fun activities such as making paper boats. We know that it's ok to make a mistake because we always learn from them. We have really fun PE lessons with lots of equipment to use. At school, we are really lucky because we have the adventure playground, the treehouse and the field.