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Welcome to Wonderland Class, a class of 27 fantastic, curious and dynamic Year 4/5 learners who thrive from our innovative and inspiring Curriculum. Our teachers are Miss Gray (Mondays-Wednesdays) and Miss Roberts (Thursdays-Fridays), and Mrs Isbel is here to help us too. In our class, you will often see us being investigative learners, working through problems, growing our knowledge and understanding, giving us the confidence to be life–long learners. Our collaborative learning approach allows children to enjoy learning and feel successful as they develop and form their ideas. We promote a classroom culture where mistakes are celebrated and supported; as after all this is how we learn!


What are we learning about this term?

This term our topic is, ‘The Battle of Britain’ whereby children will become mini historians whilst they’re immersed in times past, delving deep into the life and roles of different citizens. This will provide children with informative and insightful knowledge of our ever-changing historical timeline.

In geography, we shall understanding how maps are useful to help people navigate and to locate places and features. We will be looking at maps to identify where the Battle of Britain took place and what countries were involved.

In history, we will be exploring why the Battle of Britain took place, particularly discussing 'Operation Sealion'. We will learn how both the English and Germans used planes to fight: the Germans used Messerschmitt and the British and allied forces used Spitfires. We will be investigating the hardships that people faced during the Battle of Britain; considering the impact of the bombing on British cities and towns.

We will be thinking about how people lifted their spirits through adversity by understanding the popularity of swing music during the 1940s.

In design and technology, we will explore how different foods are grown at different times of the year.

We are looking forward to growing our brains and learning all about the Battle of Britain.

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I like school because our classroom is big. I like learning maths. I have lots of friends and I have fun.


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I like school because I learn. I am enjoying improving my English. I like teaching Miss Clarke maths. I also love art. We have the biggest class which means we can lots of fun.


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I enjoy English because I like writing. I like maths and playtime. My teachers are great because they teach me new things.