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We are Wonderland Class, a class of 26 fantastic, curious and dynamic Year 4/5 learners who thrive from our innovative and inspiring curriculum. In our class, you will often see us being investigative learners, working through problems, growing our knowledge and understanding, giving us confidence to be life-long learners. Our collaborative learning approach allows children to enjoy learning and feel successful as they develop and form their ideas. We promote a classroom culture where mistakes our celebrated and supported; as after all this how we learn!


What are we learning about this term?

This term our topic is Ancient Greeks. During this topic, we will be answeing the question, 'How did the Ancient Greeks influence us today?'

Our learning will focus on some PSHE concepts incuding honour, democracy and loyality.

Throughout our topic, we will be looking at everyday life of the Anciet Greeks, some famous battles and the olympics.

In art, we will be mking clay pots and in DT we will be making chariots.

A fun-filled final term!

Ancient Greeks Topic Front Covers

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19 April 2024

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I like school because our classroom is big. I like learning maths. I have lots of friends and I have fun.


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I like school because I learn. I am enjoying improving my English. I like teaching Miss Clarke maths. I also love art. We have the biggest class which means we can lots of fun.


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I enjoy English because I like writing. I like maths and playtime. My teachers are great because they teach me new things.