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Welcome to Whoville Class! We are an enthusiastic and friendly class of 18 Year 3 pupils. Our class teacher is Mrs Farmer-Wright. In our class, you will often see us being investigative learners, working through problems and most of all having fun whilst we're learning! We think it's important to make mistakes (they actually help our brain grow bigger), accept challenges, work collaboratively and try our best. We are going to be learning how to be resilient and resourceful as we move up through the Junior School.


What are we learning about this term?

This term, we will be learning about the Battle of Britain and using our JONK characterisitics to ensure great learning!

In geography, we shall understanding how maps are useful to help people navigate and to locate places and features. We will be looking at maps to identify where the Battle of Britain took place and what countries were involved.

In history, we will be exploring why the Battle of Britain took place, particularly discussing 'Operation Sealion'. We will learn how both the English and Germans used planes to fight: the Germans used Messerschmitt and the British and allied forces used Spitfires. We will be investigating the hardships that people faced during the Battle of Britain; considering the impact of the bombing on British cities and towns.

We will be thinking about how people lifted their spirits through adversity by understanding the popularity of swing music during the 1940s.

In design and technology, we will explore how different foods are grown at different times of the year.

We are looking forward to growing our brains and learning all about the Battle of Britain.

Copy Of Battle Of Britain Book Unit Covers
LKS2 Battle Of Britain Knowledge Organiser

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I like being in Seacole Class because everyone is kind and they always tell the truth. My favourite lesson is English because I get to join my handwriting and write sentence stackers.

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I like being in Seacole Class because I like to learn and playing with my friends. My favourite lesson is maths because I get to work out answers to tricky calculations!

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I like being in Seacole Class because I love to learn. My favourite lesson is English because I enjoy thinking of my sentence stackers and writing them in my book.