Martin Luther King class weekly update

This week, the classroom has been buzzing with creativity! We sculpted our milk bottles into Mayan masks then we had some messy fun with paper mache and added our own designs: we are delighted with our final results!

In Maths we have been focussing on triangles. We made our own origami equilateral triangles and the used these to explore the internal angles of 2D shapes. We can confidently name, and describe 2D shapes and say if they are regular or irregular.

In English this week, we have learnt about euphemisms and oxymorons ( ask us if you don’t know what these are). On Thursday we are starting our own piece of independent diary writing – focussing on the return from the South Pole. We are writing our diary imagining that we were one of Scott’s companions on his ‘race to the South Pole’ ( Wilson, Bates, Owen or Evans) .

Homework this week has been amazing!

Linking on from our ratio work we have had a ‘Year 6 Cookie/cake Bake off’! Well done to all of our young master chefs- I am very relieved that I didn’t have to choose a winner- they were all delicious!!!!

Martin Luther King class weekly update 21/05/2021

After our final experience session, pulling each other around on sledges, we have finally started to write our own diary imagining that we are Scott of the Antarctic. The quality of the writing produced this week has been amazing- everybody has tried really hard to ‘Deepen the moment’ by adding extra detail, up levelling vocabulary choices and experimenting with ideas for phrasing. I can’t wait to read what you write next Year 6!!

On Monday, we joined with 6 other schools (via Teams meeting) and attended this year’s ‘Norfolk’s Crucial Crew.’ We learnt alot about internet safety and were surprised to discover that now we were 10/11 we were responsible for our own actions in the eyes of the law, so we needed to use social media responsibly and respectfully. In topic this week, we have been learning about the Mayan creation Story and we have just started to design our own comic strips to retell the story. Next week we will be making masks so please remember to save your empty milk bottles and bring them into school ( washed out). Another great week Yr6- Well done all of you!

Martin Luther King weekly class update 10/05/2021

Alas it is with sad news that I have to report that Year 4 won the Rockstar challenge last week. It was a great battle, fought hard by all of the children in Years 4 & 6 – congratulations year 4 and well done year 6 for being gracious losers and encouraging the younger members of our school. Don’t worry Year 6, I am planning a rematch so you will still have you chance to be victorious! In maths this week we have been learning about ratio and proportion. The classroom has been covered in cubes, counters and full of positive enthusiasm. We have explored the importance of being able to use ratios to scale up (and down) recipes.

In English we have started on a Non-fiction piece of writing ‘The diary of Scott of the Antarctic’ and spent our first two lessons finding out what it would have been like to have been part of the ‘Terra Nova Expedition’ in 1910.

Topic has also been great fun this week. We have researched the Mayan game of Pok-a- Tok, written rules and even had a go at playing it on the school field. All I can say is that I am glad that the ball we used was not made of solid rubber weighing 3.5kg (Like the Mayans used) !!!!

Martin Luther King weekly class update 07/05/2021

On Friday, we performed our live newsnight reports for the documentary ‘History Unravelled’ to the rest of the class. There were slides, studio presenters, on the ground reporters and even ‘hamsters on a piano’!! Not only were the performances very entertaining but they also taught us a lot about the similarities and differences between the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. Well done to everyone- especially those of you who were a little nervous about speaking in front of everyone – you were fantastic.

This week we have been learning about the Mayan City States. We have tried to put ourselves in the position of the King by planning our own city and mapping it out using natural resources from our woodland area.

In English, we have finished writing our story ‘The Explorer’ and we are busy planning our own independent story which we will be writing soon.

In maths we have be learning about circles. We have mastered the art of using a compass and completed a paperclip investigation which involved drawing circles and finding the relationship between the radius and diameter. This week we are competing against year 4 (the winners of last week’s Yr3,4,5 challenge) in a Rock Stars tournament – This ends on Monday 10th May so keep going year 6!!!

Martin Luther King weekly class update 30.04.2021

Since our last update, we have been very busy continuing to write our adventure story ‘The Explorer’. To help us really imagine what it was like for our characters, who had a good idea to build a raft, we had a go ourselves. The challenge was to build a raft out of natural material that we could find in the forest area and build a raft that would float and support the weight of a pebble. The creative ideas, collaboration and resilience was amazing and although all of the rafts sunk under the weight of the pebble the whole experience really helped generate some top quality vocabulary for our writing.

In maths we have been making connections between different areas of our learning. We have been using equivalence dominoes, interactive web games and code breaker activities to help us learn about fraction, decimal and percentage equivalences. In topic, we have focussed on the Mayan pyramids. We made pyramids out of artstraws, named and described them (vertex, edge, face) .

In groups we are preparing a live newsnight report to teach each other about the similarities and differences between the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. We will be able to report how this went next week.

Another super week Year 6- well done!

Martin Luther King class weekly update 23/04/2021

Now that the librarians have finished sorting the library our attention has turned to the school garden. On Tuesday, our newly appointed ‘Head Gardeners’ Ruby, Millie and Kiera got down to some hard grafting and started to clear some of the weeds that had ‘moved in’ over the past few months. They have made an excellent start and I am certain that they slept well Tuesday night!

In topic this week, we have been learning about the differences between human and physical geography. We have been making the most of the super weather and ventured outside to draw maps of our school field.

In maths, we are continuing with our topic on percentages and many of the children have visited ‘Skinners R Us’ or ‘Skinner’s online supermarket ‘ to make the most of the fantastic offers that were available. I am delighted with the progress that everyone has made- keep up the good work!

In English we are continuing with our story ‘The Explorer’ and the quality of the work produced this week has been amazing. Everyone is thinking really carefully about every sentence that they are writing and they are stacking up and developing into an fantastic story.

Another fantastic week Yr6- Well done!

Martin Luther King Class Update 16/04/2021

What a super week full of surprises. There seems to have been so many updates to the classroom that we have found ourselves playing spot the difference in the mornings! Not only is our classroom looking amazing with our new carpet, we also have a new reading corner and a trolley with 21 new chromebooks- just for year 6 to use.! Our newly appointed librarians have been really busy organising the school library : sorting books into categories, checking that books are stamped with the MJS school logo and making the library a really inviting place for the whole school to visit. The librarians have freely given up their spare time and done an amazing job -thank you goes to everyone involved. This week we have been totally absorbed in our learning about the ‘Mysterious Mayans’ and we have started to make links between our learning in guided reading, English and topic work. In maths we have made an excellent start to our percentage work and I was delighted to hear Mrs Grey praising several members of the class for the sportsmanship that they showed in Netball this week. What an excellent start to the Summer term Year 6. Keep it up!

Martin Luther King Class Update 27/11/2020

I am delighted to report that in maths we have had another amazing week learning how to add, subtract and multiply fractions.  The enthusiasm and buzz in the class has been fantastic- it is amazing how everything falls into place when you know your tables!

In english, we have started to learn about biographical writing and we have used the animation ‘Beans’  (about Geoff who had a curious and unshakeable love for beans) to help us practice our writing skills before we write Charles Dickens’ biography.

In topic this week, we have started to explore the question ‘How has gender equality improved over the last 200 years?’  and learnt that the term gender has a different meaning in society today, than it did back then. 

Once again fantastic enthusiasm was shown in this week’s hockey lesson.  Our control and passing skills have improved dramatically.  Well done Year 6!

Martin Luther King Class Update 20.11.20

On Monday we completed our ‘Carnival headdress’ design project with a fashion show. There was a fantastic buzz in the classroom and the end pieces looked amazing- there were plenty of proud designers watching the show!! Well done Year 6 excellent collaboration  and design work.

In maths, we have been working really hard, learning how to add fractions and applying our skills to solve problems and puzzles. We are making great progress and becoming much more confident of our own abilities.  

In English we have been focussing on integrating dialogue to advance action and develop character- once again you have delighted me with your written work.  Your written pieces about ‘The day I was asked to babysit’ were not only well structured and punctuated but also very entertaining!

Martin Luther King Class weekly update 2020

This week, in Topic, we have been learning about the ‘Windrush generation’ and looking at the reasons why the people from the Caribbean came to live in the UK.  We have been writing list poems imagining what it may have been like.  We have also learnt about the Jamaican artist Bernard Stanley Hoyes. Through studying his work we have developed our techniques in using pastels.

In maths we have focused on long division and long multiplication. We have worked really hard on these and have all shown great resilience and made amazing progress. 

In English we have been learning to write persuasive texts.  At the moment we are writing to a judge to insist that Camp Green Lake ( Holes by Louis Sachar) is closed down.  They are still ‘works in progress’ at the moment so we will let you know how we got on next week!

Finally, can I say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the foodbank this week- your generosity has and will be greatly appreciated.