Year 6 Careers Fair 2019

What do you want to be when you are older… is a question often asked of our young people. On Friday  7th June, Year 6 pupils at Mundesley Junior and Bacton Primary Schools they found out all about the world of work!

Annie Edwards, Chair of Governors at The Coastal Federation, who organised the event was keen to get a broad cross-section of careers on show for the children to take part in a ‘speed-dating’ style event. Attending the event was a Vet, Police Officer, Veterinary Nurse, Project and Test Web Manager, Web Designer, Beautician, Hairdresser, Engineer, Hedge Layer, Nurse, Journalist/Blogger, Research Scientist.

Simon Wakeman, Executive Head of the Federation said that ‘For these professionals to give up their precious time to talk about their jobs was inspiring to see.  It’s never too early to start inspiring our young people and give them a dream to aim for’

Mrs Skinner the Year 6 teacher stated that ‘One of the other important elements of the careers fair was about sitting children in front of potential employers and the children having to make good eye contact and sustain a conversation – these are such important life-skills’

Following the event the children are going to organise their own career day, using their newfound knowledge to share that with the younger children in the Federation.

After SATs Celebrations

To celebrate the end of SATs, on Thursday  afternoon we played tennis and worked in groups to create  ‘face sculptures’ on the trees in the school grounds. Each group had to design their sculpture out of natural materials that they found.

On Friday we were all treated to a ‘Well done!’ cooked breakfast- which was delicious. Following this, we worked in small groups (and later came together as a class) to produce our very own MJS  ‘Bin Bag fashion show’ All models were wearing clothes that were designed by their teams and made out of plastic rubbish that we had collected from school.

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