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Welcome to the class page of Power Class!

We are year 5 and we are taught by Miss Button and our Teaching Assistant, Mrs Woodbridge.

We have spent the first week together getting to know each other and taking part in activities that boost team building skills and a growth mindset. Look at our photos to show how much fun we had - even when we had to try, try and try again in our groups!

Year 5 and 6 Gressenhall

On Wednesday the 13th November, Years 5 and 6 children were transformed into city evacuees! We arrived at Gressenhall and were told we’d have to stay there and help out, as there was a bomb on the railway line preventing us from reaching our destination in the country.

The children met some characters from the war and took part in activities. We met a man from the Home Guard and learnt how to defend against an ‘axis invasion’. We also met two ladies that showed us how to make chocolate truffles during rationing time (mash potato was the secret ingredient). Then we were treated to a visit to the horses and piglets on the farm and we experienced life in an Anderson shelter. It was a great day and all the children were enthusiastic and got really involved.

Year 5 Anderson Shelters

The children have been busy with their World War 2 topic. We have learnt about the Armed Forces and in particular, the Royal Air Force and the role they played in the Battle of Britain. The children had fun designing and making Anderson Shelters which could withstand bombing.

Also, they have looked at aerial photographs and maps, which they have used to identify places that they know in Norfolk. We found out that map reading is very tricky!!!

Year 5 have been researching different recipes that were popular in the 1940s during wartime, when the British Government introduced rationing.

We have learnt which goods were rationed and how much of each product you could get per week - not much!!! As a class, we decided whether or not our favourite meals could have been made with our weekly rations.

We made Rock cakes in groups as this was a popular recipe back then which could be made with weekly rations of egg, milk, sultanas and butter.

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