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Did you know that:

Martin Luther King was one of the most influential leaders of the 20th Century!  He was born in the USA in 1929  and had a strong belief in justice and equality.  Martin Luther King wanted racial discrimination to stop and when Rosa Parks was jailed for not giving up her bus seat to a white man, he started to organise non- violent protests demanding equality for black people.

One of his most famous speeches summaries his beliefs:

‘I have a dream.  I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.’

In 1964 Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent campaign against racism.

So how are we connected?

In Martin Luther Class class you will find 24 wonderful Year 6 children, our class teacher (Mrs Skinner)  and teaching assistant ( Mrs Carlton- Paterson).  We all have dreams of our own and things that we believe in.  By showing care, courtesy and consideration to others we make sure that everybody feels valued.  We are curious about the world in which we live and as well as focussing on our studies we are developing our JONK skills ( being curious, collaborative, creative, reflective, resourceful and resilient) so that we also have the confidence to stand up for what we believe in and make a positive difference to our lives and the lives of others.

Martin Luther King Class weekly update 2020

16th October 2020

This week, in Topic, we have been learning about the ‘Windrush generation’ and looking at the reasons why the people from the Caribbean came to live in the UK.  We have been writing list poems imagining what it may have been like.  We have also learnt about the Jamaican artist Bernard Stanley Hoyes. Through studying his work we have developed our techniques in using pastels.

In maths we have focused on long division and long multiplication. We have worked really hard on these and have all shown great resilience and made amazing progress. 

In English we have been learning to write persuasive texts.  At the moment we are writing to a judge to insist that Camp Green Lake ( Holes by Louis Sachar) is closed down.  They are still ‘works in progress’ at the moment so we will let you know how we got on next week!

Finally, can I say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the foodbank this week- your generosity has and will be greatly appreciated.

Martin Luther King class update 09 Oct 2020

9th October 2020

This week in Martin Luther King Class we have continued to enjoy reading Holes by Louis Sachar.  The plot is thickening now that Stanley has dug up a golden container with the initials KB engraved on it – we have a lot of unanswered questions and want to read more!!!   We have used this text and animations to develop our journalistic skills.  We have hot seated characters, revised how to accurately write both direct and reported speech and thought carefully about the purpose and audience of a newspaper report. 

In guided reading we have taken a week away from the theme of ‘Freedom and Justice’ and explored two texts  that have taught us about dyslexia and what it is like for people who have the condition.  Through these texts we have learnt several strategies that we could all use to help us to spell unfamiliar words and words that we frequently misspell. 

In maths the focus has been on multiplication and we have all worked hard and made excellent progress!

Finally, congratulations to Luke who was voted to become Martin Luther King School Council Representative!!   

You have all worked really hard this week everyone – Well done!!!

Martin Luther King weekly class update 02 Oct

2nd October 2020

On Friday  we joined over 2000 other children from different Norfolk Schools and took part in a webinar where we had the opportunity to listen to Chris Lubbe speak.  Chris was Nelson Mandela’s body guard and as well as finding out about his work with Nelson Mandela ( the first black president of South Africa) we also learnt about apatheid and what it was like for Chris to grow up in a country where it was the law to be racist. At the end Chris gave us all several important messages:

  • Speak out against racism
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Be kind
  • Appreciate what we have

Chris was a very engaging speaker and gave us a lot to talk and think about.  In our topic work this week we have also finally finished our class mural on Freedom, explored the meaning of justice through the story of ‘The wisdom of KIng solomon’ and learnt about the works of the famous South African artist Ester Mahlangu.   

In maths we have been focusing on arithmetic and in English we continued to learn about techniques to hook the reader and ways to up- level our work.  Well done year 6, you have all worked hard, and a special well done to all of you who put yourselves forward for the position of house captain – your speeches were amazing!!

Weekly Class Update – Martin Luther

29th September 2020

Year 6 has made a super start to the new academic year and have been working really hard.  We were very interested to learn about Martin Luther KIng and his ‘dream’ that people will be judged by the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin. 

We have been learning about our emotions and the importance of our JONK skills which we need to help the content of our characters shine. 

Next week,on Monday, we will be holding school elections to vote for house captains and a large number of the class have put their names forward to be considered for the role – this  is fantastic.   

Our first piece of weekly homework has been set on Google classrooms so please check that this can be accessed from home. Any problems please let me know.

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