Welcome to Kipling class!

There are 28 of us in our mixed-age Year 3 and 4 class, who all share a love of life and learning. We have two teachers: Mrs Dugdale on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Miss Lumb on Thursdays and Fridays. We also have two wonderful teaching assistants: Mrs Page and Mrs Whitwood.

Our class is named after Rudyard Kipling, a famous author who I’m sure you will be familiar with. He has written books, such as Just So Stories, and poems too. This year, we will be beginning with The Jungle Book.

In our class, we encourage curiosity and collaboration in almost everything we do. We also enjoy lots of moving around and plan to make learning as active as possible, using our outside space whenever we get the opportunity.

We want to use this webpage to share some of our exciting experiences. We hope you enjoy your visit!

thumbnail of Year 3_4- autumn term

Kipling Church Visit

30th November 2018

Kipling & Potter WW1

23rd November 2018

Kipling Class Autumn Term 2018

5th October 2018

The Coastal Federation

‘together aspire, together achieve, together we are stronger...’

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