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Hello! We are an enthusiastic group of learners in year 5! Miss Button is our teacher and we have two teaching assistants: Mrs Page and Mrs Grey. We are going to be learning how to be resilient and resourceful as move up through the Junior School.


Our class is named Katherine Johnson after one of the hidden women who helped put astronauts into space!

She grew up in segregated America, where there were different equalities for black and white people. As a black girl, she had to go to seperate schools to white girls.
She was so clever that she skipped grades and ended up completing High School 4 years before everyone else in her year!

She loved mathematics so much that she knew she wanted to do it for her job. She was employed by NASA and she worked as a computer (she was so clever she did a computer’s job!!!!)

Year 5 have been amazed by her calculations to send Alan Sheperd, John Glen and Neil Armstrong into Space! The astronauts refused to launch until Katherine checked everything was ok! What a responsibility!

You may have seen or heard of Katherine Johnson in the film ‘Hidden Figures’. It is a PG certificate but it is a thought-provoking film so we recommend watching it with your year 5 child.

Katherine Johnson Class weekly update 16 Oct 2020

16th October 2020

We have been busy learning all about ‘The Windrush Generation’ which is the name given to all the people who came to England before 1973, mostly from the Caribbean.

We have learnt about the history, written newspaper reports in English and done some artwork too!

In maths, we have been perfecting our column addition and we shall soon be moving on to column subtraction.

Its been another busy week, well done everyone.

Katherine Johnson class update 09 Oct 2020

9th October 2020

This week we have been looking at human rights and freedom of speech and we had a debate in class as to whether people should be free to write what they want on social media platforms. The children all had really interesting opinions and they were very sensible and knowledgeable on the subject.

In maths, we have learnt about negative numbers and Roman Numerals – please ask your children about them!

In English, we have gone away from our book, ‘Holes’ and have used some video clips to practice speech and action in our writing. We hope to use this speech to support us in newspaper report writing next week.

Finally, congratulations to Elsa and Logan who were voted to become our class Representatives!!  

Katherine Johnson weekly class update 02 Oct

2nd October 2020

On Friday  we joined over 2000 other children from different Norfolk Schools and took part in a webinar where we had the opportunity to listen to Chris Lubbe speak.  Chris was Nelson Mandela’s body guard and as well as finding out about his work with Nelson Mandela ( the first black president of South Africa) we also learnt about apatheid and what it was like for Chris to grow up in a country where it was the law to be racist. At the end Chris gave us all several important messages:

  • Speak out against racism
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Be kind
  • Appreciate what we have

Chris was a very engaging speaker and gave us a lot to talk and think about.  In our topic work this week we have been looking at what the words freedom and justice mean, thinking about where we’ve seen these before and how it affects our everyday lives.

We have also had a good few afternoons learning the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy in French, focusing on keywords to do with Space. The children were brilliant and we could translate lots of the story together. They have made their own mini books of the story!

Weekly Class Update – Katherine Johnson

29th September 2020

We have had a great first few weeks back at school. We have learnt about Katherine Johnson and have been busy reminding ourselves what life in a classroom looks like! 

In maths, we have been looking at the place value of numbers up to 1 million! In English, we have started reading the book, ‘Holes’ as it is all about justice and we have been thinking about whether we would like to go to the place in the story! The children have been enjoying PE lessons learning about hockey.

The weekly spellings and a new homework menu has been put on Google Classroom, so please do have a look!

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