Katherine Johnson Class

Hello! We are an enthusiastic group of learners in year 5! Miss Button is our teacher and we have two teaching assistants: Mrs Page and Mrs Grey. We are going to be learning how to be resilient and resourceful as move up through the Junior School.


Our class is named Katherine Johnson after one of the hidden women who helped put astronauts into space!

She grew up in segregated America, where there were different equalities for black and white people. As a black girl, she had to go to seperate schools to white girls.
She was so clever that she skipped grades and ended up completing High School 4 years before everyone else in her year!

She loved mathematics so much that she knew she wanted to do it for her job. She was employed by NASA and she worked as a computer (she was so clever she did a computer’s job!!!!)

Year 5 have been amazed by her calculations to send Alan Sheperd, John Glen and Neil Armstrong into Space! The astronauts refused to launch until Katherine checked everything was ok! What a responsibility!

You may have seen or heard of Katherine Johnson in the film ‘Hidden Figures’. It is a PG certificate but it is a thought-provoking film so we recommend watching it with your year 5 child.

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