Welcome to Cawdor Class

This term there have been a few changes in Cawdor.  In January the whole of year 6 joined together and are now being taught by Miss Rackham and Mrs Skinner. The wonderful Mrs Shanahan is also working in Cawdor to support our learning.

It is an exciting opportunity to get to know each other, work together and embrace our similarities and differences.  Our theme this term is ‘Being Different - Belonging Together’  and we are focussing on our personal strengths and weaknesses and how we can support others.  As we only have two terms before we venture off to high school we are working really hard and aiming to be the best that we can. 

As well as focussing on our studies we are learning to become independent and are really enjoying taking on the responsibilities that come with being the eldest in the school. By showing care, courtesy and consideration to others we make sure that everybody feels valued. Together we make a great team, helping and encouraging each other to achieve our goals.


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