Virtual Challenge this week is… Athletics!

This week have a go at this challenge. It can be easily adapted to try indoors or outdoors.Watch this video to find out how:  Have fun and don’t forget to include your name, school and year group when you send in your entry.

You MUST have your adult’s permission

Every entry wins us points!! The school with most video entries over the weeks will be the winners!!
There will be a virtual celebration event on the w/c 15th June 2020, which would have been our Norfolk School Games Summer Finals Week. 
Good luck!!

School Games First Event – Virtual Tennis

Calling all Mundesley Infant and Junior children! The first event for the school games is virtual tennis! Watch the video to see how to complete the challenge!Make sure you video yourself and send it to the social media platforms on the video- making sure you mention your name and our school!

You MUST have your adult’s permission. Have a look at the safeguarding poster below.

Land & Population Class update w/e 14.02.2020

We have enjoyed our final week of this rather busy half-term finishing off our topic learning on where we find rainforests. In Population class we have started learning about Non-chronological reports. We have used secondary resources to research tropical rainforest animals. We have written great paragraphs about: habitat, appearance and what animals eat.

Land & Population Class w/e 7 February 2020

In Population class we have learnt all about where rain forests are found. We have learnt about the continents and countries and have used atlases to find countries in the Tropics with tropical rain forests. We have written travel brochures for a rain forest retreat. In English, we have written our argument texts and have used conditionals, subordinating conjunctions and commas to improve our writing. In Maths, we are starting to look at division using a written form method.

Land & Population Class Update 31 Jan 20

In English, Year 4 have been learning all about argument texts. We have learnt about for and against and how having a balanced debate is important. The children have written great sentences using conjunctions and have learnt how to write conditional sentences. We took part in a class debate about the pros and cons of logging. We enjoyed discussing both sides of the argument but came to the conclusion that logging and deforestation is ultimately bad for our planet.  

In topic,  we have been learning where rainforests are found. We have learnt that tropical rainforests are found in the tropics (this is because they are found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn). Year 4 took part in an orienteering lesson where they had to find continents and countries around the school field! The children in Population Class enjoyed darting around using their maps to find them.

A big thank you to everyone who has started our rainforest homework projects. We have had some amazing projects in already and look forward to seeing more over the next term!

Land & Population Class News 24 Jan 2020

We’ve started our new topic for this term – we are learning all about the rainforest. We started off our learning with looking at different biomes and ecosystems. We found out that, on Earth, there are many different biomes including: savannah, tundra, woodland, grassland, desert and of course, rainforests. We will be looking at these in more detail over the coming weeks.

 We have received our new knowledge organisers and homework sheets too. We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with over the next term as there are new exciting projects to be undertaken. In the meantime, We have had some fantastic items brought in! A rainforest cake made from chocolate flakes and the canopy made from white chocolate popcorn! It even had parrots on it – it was very yummy! We also had a fantastic 3D project brought in – super cute frogs but be warned they aren’t bright blue for nothing! 

This term it is Land’s turn for swimming. They will need to bring their swimming kits on Friday. Thank you.

Population Class Iron Age Work

Population Class were busy last week making Iron Age round houses! They made them out of art straws and then painted them to look more realistic. Last week, we completed our assessments. Despite it being quite a challenging week, the children used their JONK qualities to try their best – we would like to say a big well done to all of Population Class for working so hard! We are really proud of you.

In English, we have been reading more of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have written diary entries and even pretended to be farmers deciding what to
do. The children have created amazing pastel drawings of the Iron Man which, I’m sure you’ll agree, look very effective!

The Coastal Federation

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