Rivendell Stody Farm Trip

… and wasn’t it a brilliant day!

It all started with a tour of the farmyard, a look at the machinery and a chat to the cattle and horses, before we settled down to lunch and were even provided with a free bag of Kettle Chips and a carton of apple juice!

And that was just the beginning. As the weather has been so hot, they were beginning the harvest that day so we were able to watch the massive combine in action on the barley field. Obviously, it left plenty of straw behind and Ross was quite happy to let us all have a good play in it.

Afterwards, we travelled to the nearby River Glaven where Ross tried to show us how his dogs were trained to retrieve things so they could work on the farm too. Typically, they were not much in the mood for behaving with a class of children watching them, but they got there in the end!

It was fantastic to hear the business point of view on animal and food farming, particularly after all of our work on helping the planet.

Rivendell Beach Clean

Today, we all walked down to the beach to take part in a beach clean alongside the Marine Conservation Society. Four parents joined us as we battled against strong winds to gather small pieces of plastic, metal and cigarette butts using our litter pickers.

At first, we thought the beach looked pretty clean but we managed to gather 5.5kg of litter.

A fantastic effort and good feelings all round. Well done Rivendell!

Year 5 Learning Day at NWHS

On Monday, Year 5 were invited to a Learning Day at North Walsham High School. We began the day with a tour of the school, during which Mrs Dugdale definitely did not get lost with three children….!!! We then took part in three lesson: Maths, Science and English.

During the maths lesson we had to solve lots of number and symbol problems and then complete a treasure trail where the answers all linked together. After a quick break, we then went to Science which was most people’s favourite. How could it not be? We had the chance to use bunsen burners to investigate how they make different colours in fireworks and then the teacher showed us how to make a jelly baby scream by setting it on fire!

After lunch, we finished our day with an English lesson on writing about mythical characters. Obviously, we were quite the professionals at this and really impressed the high school teacher with our knowledge.

Overall, it was a busy, fun-packed day with plenty to think about.

Rivendell Class – Kensuke’s Kingdom

Today, Rivendell class boarded the Peggy Sue and set sail on a voyage complete with the sounds of the ocean and some water too!

Unfortunately, a storm was brewing and the children were thrown overboard. We used the words collected from this storm to create our class poem.

Other members of the class looked at a poem called ‘The Storm’ by Theodore Roethke, and drew pictures based on the new language they had learnt.


Here is our poem:


The gloomy night casts shadows upon the murky water,

Dim, dingy sky penetrates the waves.

Resounding in the ear-splitting droplets of rain,

Screams surround me.


Gail-force, bitter winds speed past me,

As fast as a hunting megalodon.

Turbulent waves shove against the boat,

Striving to capsize me.


Beneath the heaving waves, hazardous creatures lurk below the boat,

Perishing weather threatens the yacht.

Waiting for the ocean to make its move,

Will it devour me?


Daunted, emotional, nauseous,

I take cover below the deck,

Crestfallen, despondent, disappointed,

Forcing me to anxiously proceed to the dock.


Will I survive this treacherous mess?

Is it possible?

Rivendell Roman Numerals

When the sun is out, it seems a shame to miss it! Rivendell practiced their Roman Numerals outside using their bodies to make each of the symbols. Active Maths in action. Can you guess the numbers they had to represent?

Rivendell ‘Viking Legend’ Trailers

Last term In Rivendell, we were studying Vikings and writing myths based on Viking legends. Alongside our myths, we produced these wonderful trailers using iMovie. The children spent many lessons writing powerful, short sentences and taking videos using filming techniques such as ‘close-up’ and ‘mid-shot.’ We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Time and Tide Viking Experience

With no snow between us and the museum, Rivendell headed off to Great Yarmouth for a postponed Viking day- and what a day it was! We began with a quick tour of history around the museum and then split into two groups to take part in four different activities. We tried our hands at some archaeology using metal detectors, sailed across the oceans in our imaginary longship, made some bronze treasure for the Viking burial and learnt how to battle. The highlight of the day for many children was squishing the teachers between their battle lines. The highlight of the day for the teachers was testing the children’s defensive skills by launching balls and wet sponges at them!!

We even got the Viking to floss!

Big Maths 8th December

Rivendell got thoroughly stuck in to the latest Big Maths challenge, cracking codes to determine the value of each festive symbol. The children then designed their own codes for others to crack. These can be seen on the Big Maths noticeboard in the entrance hall.

Rivendell Poems

For the past two weeks, Rivendell have been studying a piece of Slam poetry by Wilf Merttens called, ‘What Do You Want To Be?’ and several more traditional poems by Langston Hughes. We have discussed dreams and how it feels to have them taken away, but most importantly we have discussed how you achieve them.

Here are the children’s own poems, totally written by them, although based around the structure of Wilf Merton’s poem. They have all been entered in the Premier League Stars Writing Competition and will be judged over the coming term.

Whether or not they are successful in the competition, we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we have enjoyed writing them. You never know, you might find yourself inspired!

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