About Us

Welcome to Mundesley Junior School, which is part of The Coastal Federation, a group of schools serving the local communities of Mundesley and the surrounding villages in this beautiful part of North Norfolk.  The Coastal Federation was formed on 1st September 2015 which also includes Mundesley Infant School with SRB and Mundesley Junior School which are co-located and Bacton Primary School, just three miles along the coast.

I am sure you will find the information on our website useful and will give you a flavour of the school.  If you want a 'real taste' you'll have to visit.  We warmly welcome visits to the school to 'get under the skin' of what the school and federation is all about.  We are very proud of the relationships that we develop with the families in our local area.

The schools in The Coastal Federation work very closely together for the benefit of the communities we serve and we represent 'traditional values' of respect, care for others and trust in one another - while at the same time constantly striving to find the very best methods of learning.

The Coastal Federation instills a passion for learning; with our exciting and broad curriculum, based around an investigative approach to learning - children thrive when they research their own questions!

We are a school that insists on high standards of behaviour - children feel supported and listened to. We take the time to ensure that they understand that actions have consequences - just like in the 'outside world'.  Children at Mundesley Junior School continue onto high school with a feeling of self-responsibility, respect for others and a curiosity for learning, where they develop further.

Please contact the school office to arrange a visit or a chat - we are always happy to help.

Mr Simon Wakeman

Our Ethos and Values

All members of staff at Mundesley Junior School seek to do the very best that we can for all of the children in our care. We want our children to be curious, creative, collaborative, reflective, resourceful and resilient individuals who strive to do their very best. We know with these qualities our children will become life long learners. We actively encourage our children to analyse the world around them by making positive contributions to their school, local and wider communities.

Our aim is to ensure our children are effective communicators, confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens. We want them to be healthy and active. As well as feeling safe and nurtured, we promote the ethos that every child should be included and respected so that they can reach their full potential.

We hope that your children will leave Mundesley Junior School not only having achieved their full potential academically, but also leave prepared to take on responsibility for their own learning and ready to use their talents for the good of others.

As the first and prime educators of your children, we hope to involve you as much as possible in your child's education. If, at any stage, you have concerns or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Abi Howett
MIJS Head of Schools