Polio Awareness Bulb Planting

Friday 2nd November 2018

Jack and Paul from North Walsham Rotary Club visited us a couple of weeks ago to lead an assembly at MJS, related to the work that Rotary do supporting Polio Awareness.  The majority of children were unaware of the disease, which thankfully is not very common in the UK anymore, due to mass vaccinations.  He talked about how it was still a challenging disease to fight in parts of the world such as Pakistan.  One of the things which fascinated the MJS children was the use of purple dye which the vaccination recipients dip their fingers into, to help the nurses know who has received the sugar lump of vaccine.

Jack invited a small group of children to plant around 1500 crocus bulbs in a circle shape next to the Mundesley Village Sign on Water Lane.  Hopefully in March/April we should see a beautiful circle of purple appear!

Thank you to Jack and his colleagues at the Rotary for getting us involved.

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